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Constant Value Financial Analysis Calculator (CVfac)

A personal financial analysis tool for long term and retirement planning.

The CVfac is a long term financial modeling and simulation program that uses Monte Carlo probabilistic methods to state the value of a collection of assets in terms of the ongoing, inflation adjusted, after tax, constant value cash flow that it may be expected to produce over an extended period of time.

The Rational.

Many know how much money they spend (their budget) and many know how much their assets are worth in dollar terms. Many do not know how well their assets will support their budget into the future.

The constant value (in terms of buying power) cash flow, after taxes, that a collection of assets will produce over time relates these two sides of the financial picture.

If the asset collection consists only of cash flows like pensions, annuities and social security this program is not necessary: just add them up and live with the result.

When the asset collection includes depletable assets such as cash, stocks, bonds, IRAs, notes and the like the situation quickly becomes unmanageable in terms of calculation of the likely ongoing cash flow.

The CVfac program was created to value an asset collection as the constant value cash flow it may be expected to produce with a given level of risk of failure.

If you dug deep enough you saw that the program:

* Is a Microsoft Windows program
* Is a long term financial simulator that uses Monte Carlo probabilistic solution methods
* Values of an asset collection as the monthly constant value income it can produce over time
* Accounts for the expected effect of inflation
* Calculates and 'pays' your US Federal income taxes from your asset values
* Understands assets that start producing income at some particular date like Social Security
* Understands assets that cease producing income at some particular date like notes you own
* Understands assets that are taxed as you make withdrawals like from IRAs
* Understands assets where only gains are taxed like interest from savings accounts
* Understands IRA minimum distribution requirements

The deal.

The algorithm, code and existing documentation for the CVfac program is offered for sale to a single qualifying buyer. Also offered are technical services necessary to integrate this software product into existing operations.

Click here for the pdf file called yikes.

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